S T R O M B O L I . A S S O C I A T E S


I N T E R N A T I O N A L     D E S I G N      F R O M     M E X I C O 
STROMBOLI.ASSOCIATES presents its new collection of table objects called ‘’PLATA FORMA’’.

BODINA by Clemence Seilles 

CRÁTER by Gwladys Alonzo

MITA MITA by Fabien Cappello 

ALTO CÚMULUS by Ricardo Rodríguez Elías

SIN FIN by Kueng-Caputo

As the studio gathers a community of local and international authors for its collections, it is also creating a network of producers, artisans and providers that grow together with the project. We have a philosophy of fair trade with an honest interest in the work of local workshops and labor. Our goal is to make a community inside the design industry that implicates and benefits every person involved in the process.